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Bio-fireplaces Caleido

The unique and refined design of the Caleido bio-fireplaces rewards safety and convenience, turning the product into added value, iron into design, heat into vital energy.

Caleido Fire Design is the hallmark of a collection of unique bio-fireplaces, marked by a clear and accurate treat, complying with the most stringent European safety standards (TUV SUD of Monaco of Bavaria), wall-mount products and second-generation bio-fireplaces with an extraordinary multi-function vocation.


What is a bio-fireplace?

A bio-fireplace is an open hearth that does not require the installation of a chimney (the combustion takes place at about 400°C and produces no toxic substances in quantities such as to be suctioned by the chimney), or any other structure or system for supplying the fuel. 

Powered by a modern source of renewable energy (denatured alcohol), it burns making no mess. Conceptually similar to bio-fireplaces are the stoves of the beginning of the century, braziers where (denatured) ethyl alcohol was burned to heat the water. 

The Caleido bio-fireplace, due to its design, is considered a valuable piece of furniture and not just a device designed specifically for domestic heating.



What is bio-fireplace bioethanol?

For the production of bio-fireplace fuel are used raw materials of vegetable origin and natural modes of processing, such as the alcoholic fermentation and subsequent distillation.

Ethanol is an absolute alcohol, produced by the fermentation of sugars derived from agricultural and forestry products, mainly sugar cane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot and, recently, cereals such as wheat. This is the same ethyl alcohol as in wine and grappa, derived from the so-called biomass, as it is called today.

Denatured alcohol is composed exclusively of organic products that do not alter the ecological balance (in accordance with the regulations on the greenhouse effect), and the combustion of ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol C2H5OH) produces clean emission: heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide in minimum quantity.

The Caleido bio-fireplaces work in conditions of maximum safety: denatured alcohol generates, in fact, a stable flame, which does not produce sparks, soot, smoke or harmful gases. The flame duration is proportional to the amount of fuel in the burner and, after the fuel is exhausted, the flame extinguishes without leaving anything to clean or remove. Once cooled, the fireplace can be turned on again at any time.



Advantages and warnings related to the bio-fireplace use


Bio-fireplaces, ideal devices for apartments, houses, bars, restaurants and offices, are only used as a supplement to the main heating system.  They do not require a chimney or fixed connection and the only requirements are that the burner must be designed to burn a given quantity of fuel per hour (max 1/2 l/h) and that there is adequate ventilation of the premises and a system for the exchange of air (air vents). 

Consequently, there is no need for any technical personnel, or permit, or authorization, to be obtained from owners or management.

Furthermore, bio-fireplaces represent a solution for efficient (high specific yield) and safe heating.  The Caleido bio-fireplaces, some of which TUV SUD (internationally recognized German organization) certified, use, as mentioned, biofuel at the liquid state.

Also, the thermal efficiency is relatively high, since the heat is not taken away by the chimney, for which it remains completely inside the environment instead of being dispersed outside in the form of residual emissions, but it is low in absolute value, when compared with normal radiators.

You can also put out the flame at any time, even before the fuel is over, although it is advisable to leave the flame on until all the fuel is over. The locking mechanism has been designed to ensure maximum safety in cases where it is necessary to go out, to avoid leaving an unguarded fire in the house.

Duration: Generally, 2 l of fuel last from 4 hours and a half (positioning on MAX), to 20 hours (positioning on MIN).