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Towel warmers



Caleido towel warmers meet the most demanding needs of any customer, both as regards the functionality of their structure, and the ability to furnish and complete every space.

The careful choice of the materials, the intelligent design of the shapes and the quality of the workmanship, make Caleido towel warmers a point of reference in defining the quality standards of bathroom furniture.

In addition, Caleido towel warmers communicate the aesthetics and practicality of extremely high quality designer products: the colors, the modern lines, the ability to reflect the light, and the great adaptability to any choice of furniture, make these items unique and ready to satisfy every customer with a modern or classic interior. 

Created to keep the towels or wipes warm, as well as to ensure maximum comfort to those who use them after washing their hands, towel warmers have quickly highlighted additional needs, proving capable of providing complete autonomy to the heating of the bathroom.

After becoming a substitute or complement to the traditional products for heating the bathroom, the design of towel warmers had to take into account the furnishing needs, developing a unique presence in the environment.

In this sense, the high levels of functionality and the use of designer forms and materials combined almost spontaneously.

For these reasons, and because of the widespread use of towel warmers as elements making the bathroom a more comfortable and beautiful environment, warmers-related furnishing gradually assumed multifunctional characteristics.    

This feature, combined with a taste for elegant design, unconventional and sophisticated, led Caleido to design its own towel warmers, taking the opportunity to not relegate them to the simple decor of the bathroom, but also to consider them useful in every environment, and always able to meet any heating-related needs.

For this reason, Caleido has designed a range of extremely versatile towel warmers, able to complement the furnishing of environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms, with custom and original solutions, always paying close attention to every detail. 

For the customers who love classic furnishing and who prefer to include in their bathroom a discrete and elegant object, Caleido recommends products such as Ulysses or Oval, towel warmers of different sizes formed by a round tube and available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, finishes, and water connections.

Caleido is also able to offer products that do not follow the normal conception of towel warmers as complementary objects playing a marginal role in the bathroom. For this reason, the company has designed very special products such as, for example, the Shelf, appreciated for its practicality and versatility. It is a multifunction towel-holder radiator presenting large-sized slatted racks serving as shelves, and which, in the flag configuration, can be used to separate with intelligence and practicality the sanitary area from the tub/shower area. 

Caleido has also thought about customers with special requirements of space, those who need to heat large towels or do not have sufficient support points where to install their towel warmers. For this reason, we have created models such as the Pavone (single and double version), the Colibrì (single and double), and the Gabbiano (single and double), all models with particularly high heat outputs, available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, finishes and water connections, even chrome.

They represent innovative and elegant solutions, designed to meet all kinds of needs, as wlel as to provide customers with every opportunity to furnish their environments according to their own taste and needs.